Why 14 Principles?

14 Principles are experienced Lean consultants and trainers, having introduced and operated Lean in a range of markets. We live and breathe Lean in our day-to-day work; and now we teach what we’ve learned.

Find out what our customers think of our teaching.

We’re building a Lean company based on principles that we use to drive success, every day. We hope you like our take on them:


In it for the long term

Know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Live and breathe this long term philosophy.


Identify problems

Work in a way that forces problems to be highlighted and solved quickly. No carpet sweeping allowed.


Work, don’t create work

Lots of people end up being on hamster wheels. It’s an easy trap. Get everyone off those wheels.


Work like the tortoise

Steady, regular, effective, craftsmanship. Don’t get into the habit of working till midnight.


Stop; Fix

Learn to stop and fix issues. Halt the line. Nobody likes working in a building with broken windows.


Find a way to work.

Find a way to work that works for you. People are smart; improve your way of working together.



Use boards, monitors, TVs, lava lamps, anything to let everyone see what’s happening.


Fools build for themselves

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Someone’s already made one, and chances are it’s proven and tested.



Be wary of dinosaurs. Grow exceptional talent from within. Your business will be the better for it.


Grow your best people

Develop those around you. Build exceptional people who understand your way of work.


Select and respect

Pick customers and partners that are right for you. Help them improve in the same way you do.


Ivory towers

Avoid sitting isolated in an office. Be on the floor with those who deliver. Improve together.


Carefully consider. Go Quick

Consider all options carefully. Use the intellect of all your team to decide. Then execute rapidly.


Relentless Learning

Encourage everyone to continually learn and improve. Demonstrate this culture every day.

We have named our company after these 14 principles, it’s in our blood. These are the principles that we like to see in business. We hope you do to.

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