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The world's most successful companies are using Lean to gain a competitive advantage. Don't get left behind.

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Thinking of starting a Lean or Agile project? Want to run a trial on a pilot project? Our two day course gets you underway with a minimum fuss, giving you the best odds of Lean success in the shortest time possible.

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Fed up of Project Management books that know nothing about your business? We know the difference between theory and practice. Our coaches help you and your team get the very best out of Lean in your day to day work.

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Lean isn't just about tactics for day-to-day delivery. Smart, successful companies are using Lean to build their strategies for success. Lean Thinking shapes our business; we'll help you understand how it can shape the strategy of yours.

A strategy to envy

"We chose 14 Principles to introduce us to Lean and we've been delighted with the results. In their first two days with us they taught us the fundamentals of Lean Thinking and gathered valuable ideas from every person in the company. What a great use of time! Their teaching and consultancy has given us a set of tools for building an ever better business in a highly competitve market." Tony Tugulu - Founder and CEO, Power Internet Limited

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Stop spinning plates and start delivering

Are you finding yourself struggling to balance demands from your customers, team and upper management? Do you want deliver more in all of these areas but don't know where to start? You're not alone. Lots of other managers and companies have been here before.

For years, delivering products and services has been about the wrong thing; big upfront plans, reporting progress, charts and spreadsheets that have little do with reality. The reality is great teams deliver great value to customers.

Small steps, Big rewards

We live and breathe Lean in our day-to-day work; and now we teach what we've learned. We'll show you how to:


Unlock the power of your team; Lean's continuous improvement makes 10 heads better than 1.


Delight your customers and drive efficiency by reducing the time from "concept to cash".


Lower costs, reduce time to market and focus on quality by applying Lean Thinking.


Be flexible to change. Position your business to capitalise on new opportunities.

If you are serious about finding ways to improve your business, we can help you achieve your ambitions whether your business is big or small.

We're 14 Principles, and we're pleased to meet you.
We offer Lean training, consultancy, and much, much more.
We're a Lean Startup founded on 14 Principles.

Why 14 Principles?

14 Principles are experienced lean consultants and trainers, having introduced and operated Lean in a range of markets. We live and breathe Lean in our day-to-day work; and now we teach what we've learned.

So what's with 14 Principles?

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