Project Quickstart

Maximum benefit, minimum risk. Our Quickstart training lets you explore the benefits of Lean quickly, through small, incremental steps. Without placing everything at risk.

Healthy sceptic? We’re healthy sceptics too.

Sceptical? Unsure that Lean is right for you? We certainly were. In fact, we remain healthy sceptics. That’s why we practice Continual Improvement. Try a small improvement. If it works’ keep it. If it doesn’t, you haven’t lost much time trying.

Don’t fall into the trap. 75% of Agile adoptions do not deliver the expected benefits[1]. That’s because many adoptions risk everything – it’s a cliff edge of all in or nothing.

It doesn’t have to be difficult
And it needn’t turn out that way. There are many success stories.

We can help. Our Quickstart training helps you to try Lean within your business and decide whether the two are compatible. We’ll sit down with you and plan out – together – a pilot project, appropriate training and identify criteria for success, all tailored to the needs of your business. You’ll do all this in small, baby steps. After each step you’ll objectively evaluate how well things have gone – and make improvements.

Typical Agenda:

  • Overview of agile and lean approach
  • Identify how your organisation will benefit from an agile approach
  • Determine potential barriers to adoption and how to mitigate them
  • Evaluate different rollout strategies
  • Create an incremental plan for rollout

Who should attend?
Anyone considering agile adoption within their team or wider business:

  • Department heads
  • Team leaders
  • Product managers
  • Team members

We think it’s the ideal way for to decide whether Lean is right for your business, without betting the farm.

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 Lean Fundamentals

Practical knowledge without the hyperbole. We’ve all been through “sheep-dip”[3] training that delivers little more than a certificate for your office wall. At 14 Principles we live Lean, working with Lean teams on a day to day basis. We understand that tangible benefits come from grasping core concepts, not regurgitating theory from a textbook.

We’re more than a certificate to hang on your wall

Interested in practice not frippery? Our intensive Lean Fundamentals training gives you and your business a fundamental understanding of Lean principles. Without the hyperbole.

We’re not just trainers. We do this for real. You’ll spend 2 intensive days with us, understanding the foundations of Lean Thinking and the benefits it can offer. Delivered in an engaging, thought provoking style, Lean Fundamentals helps you relate Lean concepts to your day-to-day business, putting you in the best possible position to apply them successfully.

Typical Agenda:

  • How agile and lean are driven by delivering value to customers
  • “Concept to Cash” in the shortest possible time
  • The benefits of long term philosophy over short term gain
  • Getting work regularly `done` and in front of customers
  • Leadership and mentoring in an agile business
  • The importance of mistakes, introspection and continual improvement[2]
  • Tactics such as multivariate testing, continuous deployment and proportional investment
Practical tactics that deliver from people who use them every day.

Who should attend?
Anyone interested in learning what agile or lean could bring to their business:

  • Managing directors
  • Business owners
  • C-level executives
  • Department heads
  • Team leaders
  • Project managers
  • Team members

We’re sure you’ll find our Lean Fundamentals training inspiring, relevant and practical. And if that’s not enough, you can rely upon us at any time to offer advice and support outside the classroom.

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Doesn’t fit? Go bespoke

If the above courses don’t quite hit the spot, we can build a bespoke training package tailored to you and your business.

Bespoke training allows you to wring every last drop out of your training budget by optimising the training experience for the intended audience, the nature of your business and challenges it faces.

If you are interested in a bespoke package, drop us a line, or make a bespoke booking.

Need help deciding?

If you need help deciding on the level of training that is appropriate to you, we’ll be pleased to help. We will take the time to understand what you are trying to achieve and craft a training programme to help you get there. Just drop us a line.

[1] agilecollab: “Are you pleased at rapid spread of Scrum?” Ken Schwaber : ”Yes, in that the spread means that people are desperate for a new approach. No, in that they may think of Scrum as simply an iterative version of waterfall. Many CIO’s still think of Agile as more, faster. However, as organizations and projects flee the existing controls and safeguards of waterfall and predictive processes, they need to recognize the even higher degree of control, risk management, and transparency required to use Scrum successfully. I estimate that 75% of those organizations using Scrum will not succeed in getting the benefits that they hope for from it.”
[2] “Toyota’s real advantage was its ability to harness the intellect of ‘ordinary’ employees.” – Gary Hamel, Visiting Professor, London Business School.
[3] By “Sheep Dip Training” we refer to 48 hour certified courses which give you a paint-by-numbers overview of Lean and Agile with limited to no understanding of the fundamentals.

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