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14 Roundup – 7th August 2011

This week: Why Lean Startups are hard by @kevindewalt We covered Lean from the Trenches by @henrikkniberg a couple of weeks ago. It’ll be published by Pragmatic Bookshelf, but the draft will remain free. If you haven’t already, check out … Continue reading

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Agile Anti-Patterns: Part 3 of 3 – Delivery

In the third and final part of this series on agile anti-patterns, we discuss the importance of delivery. The importance of action over contemplation. The importance of doing something. The importance of getting something tangible in-front of real customers, quickly. … Continue reading

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Balancing product and delivery

Eric Ries (@ericries) has popularised Steve Blank’s (@sgblank) Customer Development Process (CDP) at IMVU, and more recently with the Lean Startup movement. As we’re a Lean Startup, we thought we’d chip our 2 cents on the subject of ‘Product Teams’. … Continue reading

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