14Roundup: Lean Kanban Benelux 2011

Last week, Lean Kanban 2011 Benelux happened in Antwerp Belgium, hosted by Maarten Volders. Here’s our 14 Roundup:

  1. Yuval Yerert gave a talk on commitment and energies in a kanban system. This talk included our first conference outing of our material: Zombie Cycle Time by our colleague Luke Smallwood. Thanks to Yuval for adding it!
  2. David Anderson‘s slides from his talk “Kanban: When is it not appropriate” are available. This is a must read for any WIP limiters.
  3. Yuval also gave a second talk: Large Scale Kanban.
  4. There was some noteworthy discussion about swimlanes in Kanban. There is more interleaved on the #lkbe11 hashtag
  5. Jurgen De Smet & Yves Hanoulle gave on talk on Improve your decision making by using Real Options. The slides are available here.
  6. Arne Roock‘s Limit your WIP! Why and how? talk slides are available.
  7. Slides from Henri Kivioja’s Erricson Finland talk can be found here.
  8. Grant Rule & Bob Marshall gave two Rightshifting effectivity talks: Rightshifting in a Nutshell and Realising Value, how to apply Rightshifting. You can find more discussion at this linked in group
  9. Karl Scotland‘s Science of Kanban slides.
  10. Patrick Steyaert gave a talk on Lean Adaptive Management. Slides are available
  11. Slides from Lean Startup: A learning organisation
  12. A talk in one photo - Portfolio Management by Thomas Lissajoux
  13. Alan Shalloway‘s keynote Lean Kanban is about people (free registration required)
  14. You can see the full track here. Videos should be available on Friday. We’ll update this roundup when they appear.

Some talks of note not mentioned already:

  • When Models Collide – Eric Willeke
  • Two talks from Cisco from Ken Power, Applying Telecommunications and Network Design Principles to Lean Product Development: Examples from Cisco Systems & Kanban at Cisco
  • Keynote: It’s the system stupid! – John Seddon
  • Keynote: Practice without sound theory will not scale – Dave Snowden
  • Improve your decision making by using Real Option: Jürgen De Smet & Yves Hanoulle
  • BDD: Step Away from the Tools: Liz Keogh

You can find more at the #lkbe11 hashtag. Most of the interesting chatter is on the days of the conference, 3rd + 4th October 2011. For a sense of the atmosphere, you can see this large number of photos posted by Maarten

And so concludes our 14Roundup of Lean Kanban Benelux 2011. We hope you found the collection of links to the talks that caught our eye useful. If there’s anything you think should be up here, let us know: @14principles. More next time…

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2 Responses to 14Roundup: Lean Kanban Benelux 2011

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  2. The conference was my first real encounter with lean and kanban, and I must say a big eye opener.

    Big thanks for listing our presentation in the 14 (lean startup)!

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