14 Roundup – 24th July 2011

Welcome to 14 Roundup the @14principles weekly roundup. We’re going to start a weekly noteworthy-grab-bag of the latest happenings in our field. Hopefully every week but no guarantees!

  1. @yuvalyeret mentions one of our favourites – Boyd’s Law.
  2. @ericries has an online Lean Startup course
  3. Matthew Jones’ slides from a virtual card wall for a devops team.
  4. DevOps Down Under got underway down under on the 22nd & 23rd in Melborne. Follow the happenings at #devopsdownunder
  5. @TriKro links to the 3 best tools for mockups and wireframes
  6. @ashmaurya links that writing a book is like building any other product. Worth nothing the recent Lean Startup Book pre-order testing as well.
  7. Agile Coaches gathering at Bletchley Park went ahead this week. More at #acguk
  8. David Anderson (@agilemanager): For those looking for real evidence to refute Ken Schwaber’s latest nonsense on #kanban visit leanssc.org past conferences and read/listen. Assume in response to this post from Schwaber.
  9. “Subtle but significant” changes in the “Scrum Rulebook”: Scrum Guide 2011 was updated on 21st July. The changes were summarised
  10. @ericries spoke at Xerox PARC this week. Hopefully the talk will show up on the archive
  11. Interesting take on workplace sarcasm.
  12. Kaikaku
  13. @yuvalyeret sums up Scrumban succinctly: #1. scrum with flow thinking – #limitedWIP Kanban board, commitment to flow Over sprint commitment. Not necessarily instead. #2. working with the org u have Over strict PO/SM def. Still makes sense to learn from them and do them. Less dogma about it. #3. capability of delivering Over commitment to delivering. Capability to focus/ #limitWIP as main reason for commitment.
  14. Lean from the trenches. Another @henrikkniberg gem.

That’s our round up of the week. The `official` changes to the Scrum Rulebook this week are certainly worth a read.

As you can see we follow a few Lean & Agile thought leaders on twitter – we like what they have to say. If you think we should be following you as well, let us know @14principles.

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