14 Roundup: ALE2011

A little late, but here’s our roundup of the ALE2011 unconference. This was one we wished we could make too, but instead followed from our armchairs.

To the business. Here’s our 14 Roundup of ALE2011:

  1. Organising ALE2011 with Real Options by @OlafLewitz . A brilliant take on how ALE2011 came together.
  2. @ulrikapark‘s reflections: Complexity and Feature Injection at Agile Lean Europe 2011 Berlin
  3. @scharlau‘s reflections on ALE2011
  4. @OlafLewitz‘s impressions from ALE2011
  5. Interesting and great-idea for more tiny ALEs on this LinkedIn group by @jurgenappelo
  6. @robvanlanen‘s reflection on his FedEx Days Talk
  7. @YvesHanoulle‘s personal retrospective of ALE2011. An introspective take on unconference attendance.
  8. I’m Back from Berlin by @mfloryan
  9. Why I Liked ALE2011, a really great summary of the little bits of organisation that made all the difference, by @jurgenappelo
  10. @JonJagger‘s tiny synopsis of his lightning talk: Precision Listening. Be great to see the full lightning talk, as this really chimes.
  11. Agile Thoughts and Things: ALE2011 Berlin: the fall of the wall by @ojuncu
  12. The full Keynote from Bjarte Bogsnes on Beyond Budgetting is available here
  13. See the resources page for more up to date round ups, blogs and some talks
  14. See the LinkedIn group for more discussion

I think Pawel Brodzinski took the award for most tweets: certainly a large online covering of ALE2011. You can find more at #ALE2011

More in our next 14 Roundup.

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One Response to 14 Roundup: ALE2011

  1. Oana Juncu says:

    Thank you a lot for appreciating my post about ALE2011 and the the falling of wall
    http://oanasagile.blogspot.com/2011/09/ale2011-berlin-fall-of-wall.html and mentioning it here among such other brilliant posts such as Olaf’s and Marcin’s one, one my dear fellows organisers.
    I just wanted to add an update, my twitter is @ojuncu , not @klauren69


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