14 Roundup – 7th August 2011

This week:

  1. Why Lean Startups are hard by @kevindewalt
  2. We covered Lean from the Trenches by @henrikkniberg a couple of weeks ago. It’ll be published by Pragmatic Bookshelf, but the draft will remain free. If you haven’t already, check out Scrum and XP from the Trenches, and Scrum and Kanban: Making the most of both.
  3. @YvesHanoulle has a moving and personal piece on taking a positive look on the worst situations
  4. 12 Tips for Customer Development interviews by @giffconstable
  5. Agile 2011 is getting underway in Salt Lake City, see @agile2011 and #agile2011
  6. @mhsutton can’t make agile2011 so is using XTC in London on the 9th for notgile2011, see #notAgile2011, #xtc
  7. Lean Startup Machine bootcamp in London, 16th Sept.
  8. Scott Adams on Boredom is a brilliant take on lack of downtime, or the need to prioritise downtime…?
  9. Step by Step Lean UX by @digitalwoman
  10. End with the beginning in mind, an excellent take on ending relationships (personal and business) from @ChristopherAver
  11. Exceptionally good non-vanity metric post on techcrunch about social/casual gaming company OMGPOP
  12. The rise of the (shitty) landing page is an excellent take on how people misunderstand and incorrectly execute on the initial steps of Customer Discovery. By @vngh0st
  13. @sgblank on Bonfire of the Vanities
  14. @kjscotland on Crystallising Kanban with Properties, Strategies and Techniques

Couldn’t leave out a funny picture linked from @lisacrispin showing the current state of browser wars.

Whilst we can’t make #agile2011 we’ll be keeping an eye on proceedings. Expecting some good finds next week.

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