14 Roundup – 1st August 2011

It’s time for the shiny that’s caught our eye this week:

  1. Interesting to see another publishing/lean startup post. @LeanBlog writes about applying Lean Startup to book publishing.
  2. Interesting take on finding the right champion in an organisation from @flinchbaugheven if that means it’s not the CEO
  3. Don’t Be Fooled By Vanity Metrics on @TechCrunch
  4. “You Are Solving The Wrong Problem” – Another Boyd’s Law one by @dumontis
  5. Interesting take on hiring based on interest rather than credentials.
  6. Answering the loaded question via @ProjectRecovery
  7. Funny quote: “If you ain’t making waves, you ain’t kickin’ hard enough.” – Anonymous #startup #business #marketing via @TriKro
  8. Requirements driven development must die via @TriKro
  9. @kjscotland on InfoQ: Kanban System Design
  10. Bank of Australia using methods from software development for product development via @agilescout
  11. Interesting Pivot snippet. Agree with the overuse and misuse of pivot, and also agree with the ubiquitous language: @tobins: Look, @ericries I love #leanstartup but the overuse of the word #Pivot is getting nuts! Can we @pivot from the word @pivot? @tobins @ericries it’s true that pivot is often misused, but any word you use in it’s place will have the same fate. I will keep using pivot
  12. Via @clintonkeithPMP in Games
  13. If it’s not a hit, switch
  14. Go Only As Fast As You Can Learn by @ashmaurya
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